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Any hackers wanting to find some tools for their needs should check this toolbox. There are some great tools which are hard to be discovered as time goes because not every tool can make them famous, e.g. small audience. But they deserve a place to show off themselves.

Any hackers wanting to build some new stuff would better check this toolbox. If there is one satisfying your needs, then don't reinvent the wheel unless you have good reasons.

Write a review, vote the tool you like and help yourself by helping others!


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    HackerToolbox A collection of tools built... , about 7 years Reply

    Feel free to ask me questions here. We want to be a central place for all the awesome tools which are built and used by hackers. The seed data is from Ask HN: Tools of the trade, 2013 edition (

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    HackerToolbox A collection of tools built... , almost 7 years Reply

    Welcome all the ProductHunters!

    Let me add some information since it's easy to communicate here. You, as the owner of a tool can also try something like this on your tool page :)

    • Feel free to submit any appropriate tools. The twitter followers info are disabled by default, we will review to ensure the twitter handle matches the site and enable it.

    • We will introduce a new ways to rank tools very soon. But we'd appreciate that if you can leave a comment/review on the tools you like.

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